She Starts Dancing, And When They Zoom Out You Will Be Surprised By Her Dance Partner

I wouldn’t have ever imagined that there is a dog dance freestyle competition in this world, but apparently there is such a thing and it is highly entertaining. For this, there is a combo of a human and a dog that get together to perform a set of dance routines. There is a human and dog duo that performs a set of routines together with some background music. Some of the acts are purely meant for entertainment purposes, but some are actually very genuine and heartfelt; like the one in this video! Some people really work with their dogs to perfect the routine and the one in this video will steal your breath away.

The following performance was the winner at The Open European Championships in 2014. The dog is an Australian Shepherd named Lizzy and her owner is called Sandra Roth. Sandra has been dancing ballet and jazz for 24 years, so it is easy to understand why she would want to get her dog involved in dancing. She has been performing with her beloved dog for only about two years. This dance form is not easy for sure, but we are really thankful we had a chance to witness something this amazing! It seems Sandra found a dog that is just as talented at dancing as she is, and the two make a wonderful pair.

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