When She Starts Singing A Christmas Song, Her Dog Has The Cutest Reaction

Daniela Andrade is a talented young singer who records covers and her own original songs and uploads them to her YouTube channel, which due to her talent, has received millions of views. During Christmas last year, Andrade posted the famous Christmas classic ‘Christmas Time Is Here’ with a little something extra added in for our enjoyment. Her cute dog Dina is featured alongside her in this video, and after seeing this, I think Dina should feature in all of Daniela’s videos.

Daniela is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists because of her talent and unique style. She has a very beautiful voice and the chemistry between her and her dog, Dina, is wonderful. They clearly have a special bond and Dina seems to really appreciate Daniela’s talent as much as we do. This will no doubt bring a smile to your face! Daniela has explained in the YouTube description of this song that what she and Dina have is real love. You are going to love this no matter what the season!

Daniela performs in other venues, not just on YouTube, and I wonder if Dina ever joins her in a live performance. I think she definitely should. Dina might turn out to be quite the performer herself.

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