He starts singing the National Anthem, but check out what he’s doing with that canvas.

What makes a rendition of the National Anthem great? It’s a song that we learn from the time we start school. Every major sporting event, school event or something that implies a celebration, we hear and sing it. We hear privileged voices sing it probably a thousand times by the time we are adults. Have you taken some time to think what makes one rendition much better than the rest?

I used to think that it was all about the voice. Hey! How about opera singers? They have the best voices, right? Hearing an opera singer sing the National Anthem is an eye-opening experience. They can reach some of the most difficult notes with such strength that make other renditions of very talented singers seem average. But it’s not all about the voice, is it?

Some of them are just able to connect with people’s emotional fibers much better than the rest. Call it talent, interpreting ability, or what you want, but there’s something about some voices that make the hair on the back of your neck stand. Some experts believe it’s the pitch or the decibel levels. Much research has been poured on explaining the physical effects of some vibrational frequencies on some objects and people.

There was an expert that even went so far as to suggest that by reaching the ‘right’ vibrational frequency of an object, you would be able to move large and heavy objects with practically no effort at all. He even took part in some experiments where he was able to move things like tennis balls, glasses, and other small objects to the amazement of the crowd.

So, if these vibrational frequencies can have that type of effect on everyday objects, they probably have something to do with singing. I have learned that you don’t need to be an opera singer or soprano to cause a jaw-dropping impression on people when you sing the National Anthem. You only need heart and to be able to transmit every word it contains with the right amount of feeling. But what artist has these traits?

He or she doesn’t have to be famous, either. One of the best National Anthem renditions I have seen in a long time is the one in the following video. His name is Joe Everson. He is a multi-talented artist and patriot. He lives by the lyrics of the Anthem and wanted to share with an audience how committed he is with the lyrics and what they mean to him. When you watch his rendition, you will see what I’m talking about!