She Starts Singing An Ordinary Christmas Song, But I Can’t Stop LAUGHING! Hilarious!

Everyone loves celebrating Christmas surrounded by our beloved family and friends. It’s always good to think of and celebrate what this holiday is really about. While it’s always important to remember the real reason for the season, it’s always a treat to celebrate Christmas by singing classic Christmas carols, spreading cheer, sharing gifts with our loved ones, and eating those classic Christmas dishes like turkey and ham!

That’s when Irish woman and talented singer Jordan Humphries comes into the picture! She’s singing about one of her favorite aspects of Christmas to the delightful tune of Mariah Carey’s hit “All I Want for Christmas is You.” This version replaces her lyrics of love, for lyrics focusing around food!

Jordan comes up with some pretty hilarious parody lyrics all talking about how much she loves eating Christmas treats. Munching down on turkey, chocolate, and too much bread, she explains to us just what we should do if we get too plump. Just “hide it with a Christmas jumper!” By the end of this hilarious song, the 24-year-old singer is boasting of her ability to eat enough food to feed a family of four.

Her amazing song, “All I Want for Christmas Is Food” is quickly going viral, and when you hear her fantastic lyrics and pretty voice, you’ll easily see why. “I won’t leave no cake or cookies for Santa on the fireplace. I want all the cake and cookies shoveled right inside my face!”

While she’s certainly joking about the massive amount of food that she’s able to chow down, it’s certainly a fun song to listen to as we all celebrate this Christmas. Eating is fine and good as long as we all keep in our hearts the real reason we’re celebrating!

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