Starving 11-Year-Old Left to Find Cook. Why This Tiny Boy Went Without? Absolutely UNBELIVABLE!

Food for some can be a love affair, with each layer seamlessly melding into the next. A dish that nods to each ingredient, while creating a unified, complimenting sea of flavors. The divine that tempts and teases the taste buds with tumultuous tremors of tremendous thrill and entrancement. Proper nutrition is excruciatingly important. It helps manage moods, helps provide vitamins that aid the bodies different autonomous functions, and moderates various levels of chemical releases in the body and brain.

Johnny Cook was a bus driver for Haralson County school district. He had worked for the district for many years and enjoyed the job. With the benefits alone, it must worth it. One day while waiting in transit for the children, Cook noticed one of the kids walking a bit… strangely. Almost sluggish like something was wrong. The boy arrived in front of Cook, shifting his weight to balance.

“Mr. Johnny,” the boy paused to put a hand over his growling stomach. “I’m hungry.” Cook, naturally taken aback asked if the young eleven-year-old had gotten a chance to eat lunch. “No,” he replied drearily. Upon further investigation into the kid’s story, he had been $0.40 short of affording the meal.
“WHAT?!” Cook finally lost his cool, his outrage leaving him shaken from such greedy, inhuman monsters that would deny a child food for such a small amount.

Later at his home, he found his mind occupied with the concept of denying a meal to a starving kid, on the school grounds no less! Cook could not understand the lack of empathy. He needed this story to be heard, the news to be shared. The small injustices we may not always notice or hear about don’t just stop happening. They get blotted out by worse stories that challenge our faith and trust in our everyday man.

As Cook took to Facebook, he found that others were thankful for standing up to the unforgivable incident. The only party that dispersed disciplinary actions would be the school. They asked him to take it down and apologize or suffer the consequences. He concluded that he knows right and wrong and what happened was wrong. He kept the post and was terminated shortly there-after.

Whew. Quite the sad story, maybe the kid just KNEW he didn’t have enough money so he didn’t go through? No idea. You’ll notice we don’t have any comments. We think stories serve to bring people closer. We’re just here to pass the ammunition.

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