Starving, Matted Persian Cat Found In Qatar. I Was Amazed At Her Transformation.

It’s so sad when there are videos of animals out there who are suffering from hunger, thirst and other maladies. Some of them have such bad skin conditions that even moving hurts. Others have long hair that tangle and can make life miserable for them. They roam around the streets, eating what people leave out for them. Some of them are lucky, though – good people find them. Like this cat that we see in the video.

Cotton Candy was a stray Persian cat that was found by a couple living in Doha, Qatar. This is a place where the heat can reach extremes of nearly 120 degrees. It was in the news fairly recently when there was an outcry over Qatar was awarded a World Cup site despite the very real risk that the players could die of the heat. Anyways, they brought Cotton Candy in and decided to foster her until she was adopted.

This poor cat had so many burrs and mats that it was uncomfortable for her to even move. To rectify this situation, the vets shaved much of Cotton Candy’s body to allow the hair to grow back… which allowed them to monitor it and groom it as necessary so that she could return to her regular state of fluffiness. This effort was a success and she looks so much happier – well, as far as her default expression allows her.

There is a happy ending for this story – she was adopted and taken to a new forever home. The couple that fostered her was awesome. They had taken her to the vet to be dewormed, cleaned, and chipped. If it weren’t for them, she might have been dead from the heat. It saddens me that these cats are even in this situation to begin with. There are a lot of Cotton Candies that don’t make it. Hopefully, awareness will help.

Wasn’t Cotton Candy SO cute? Yes, Persians can seem to have perpetually dour expressions, but they can also be so sweet. Have you had any Persian cats? Tell us all about them in the comments section below!

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