It Was Love At First Sight, Check Out Stella’s Amazing Journey — I’M IN TEARS!

Sadly, pit bulls get a bad rap. Misunderstood over decades; they are believed to be ferocious dogs, killing machines on four legs. But that is all nonsense. Most of their bad rap comes from poor breeding and training. Nevertheless, this is the stigma that pit bulls face in today’s society.

However, none of this stopped this loving owner from adopting Stella, an older pit bull that had been left at shelters, no one wanting to adopt her. But for both of them, life had just gotten much better. Take a look at this touching video and see the two play together and have fun!

Stella fit right in. She was a calm, loving friend and proved wrong all those people that believe that pit bulls are evil and that older dogs shouldn’t be given a chance at happiness. Please share this inspiring message with your friends and help spread awareness for the good nature of pit bulls.

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