Stella the Yellow Lab endlessly plows through fresh autumn leaves

Stella the Yellow Lab just wants to have fun. This loop of her jumping into raked grass is catharsis maxed out.

Fall brings a lot of great stories about pups worldwide. This time around, Stella the Yellow Lab is grabbing the spotlight. Her leaf jumping antics have gone viral but only serve as a small window into her full weaponry of quirks.

When she isn’t destroying leaf piles, Stella enjoys an extended sploot to cool her belly. Dog sploots were popularized by Corgis, yet Stella does it best by dragging her entire body a couple of feet. It’s almost as if Stella got lessons from Carlton Banks.

Not quirky enough for you? Stella the Yellow Lab is one that has so many leaf diving videos, that she could possibly hold a Guinness World Record for most leaf dives by a dog.

Stella’s behavior was not taught and is instead of her very own personality. When she sees a pile of leaves, it is instinctual to make as big of a mess as possible. Sometimes, she will even stay in the pile of fresh leaves as if it was a cocoon.

This smart pup is one of many entertaining dogs to garner a massive online following. Her adventures are just beginning, as each season brings a new challenge for Stella to accomplish.