Stepdad and daughter use music to make a car ride anything but boring

Cole LaBrant isn’t just a dad, he’s also a creator of short internet videos. They’re often about his own family and social circle, giving the internet a peek at his personality and the world he lives in. He isn’t afraid to get out of his comfort zone and sometimes makes himself the butt of the joke. He’s good at what he does and now has a wildly popular YouTube channel.

It’s always nice when a dad and daughter have a fun activity they enjoy together. In this video, Cole and his stepdaughter Everleigh do some amazing karaoke in the family car.

People have been singing along ever since people have been singing. But by 1971, technological innovation made it possible for musician and businessman Daisuke Inoue to invent the karaoke machine. His invention took Japan by storm and has since spread to the entire world. The idea behind the karaoke machine is to allow the user to not merely sing along but to be the actual singer. The machines use versions of songs with the vocals removed. The term karaoke, incidentally, is based on the Japanese words for empty and orchestra!

As you’ll see, Cole and Everleigh take it up a notch. But the video begins with her looking bored, strapped into the child seat. “Hey dad! Wanna listen to the radio?” He turns the radio on and that’s when the fun starts. They do a spectacular medley of songs, complete with an instant costume change for each one. Everleigh, it has to be said, is pretty good for a 4 year-old. She and dad bust out the moves in perfect synchrony and make some great facial expressions.

Is it any wonder this video has 15 million views and counting? Let us know what you think in the comments at Facebook and be sure to like and share!