Stepdad opens gift box while mom records. When he opens his present, he loses it!

Father’s Day is one of those celebrations that often takes on a different meaning for each family. I guess it all boils down to what type of relationship one has with the family. I’ve seen all sorts of families, and even though I see similarities in the way they celebrate it, the main differences are in the presents the fathers get. What I’ve seen is that fathers who are more away from their family, because they have a busy schedule, or they travel a lot, tend to get things that they would use at the office. They will get, a pen set, a smartwatch, a smartphone, or any other object that will help him get through their day a lot faster. Especially if the family is replacing something that broke down or got lost.

For other fathers who are big on a healthy lifestyle, the presents are usually a gym membership, a home gym, training or running shoes, training apparel, a smartwatch with built-in exercise metrics or even the enrollment to a city marathon or Spartan event. The most important thing is to get the father something that he might not have gotten himself.

Then there are fathers that are more often at home than others. Times are changing now and there are fathers that are ‘stay-at-home dads’. For them, great gift ideas would be something that he can enjoy by themselves, preferably out of the house. Now, there are other fathers that are also at home because that’s where they get their work done. Take a father who’s a freelancer; he can get anything for his home office, and this includes games. A game console, a TV, or some game discs.

Even if it’s a couple of beers and a bag of pretzels, dads will always appreciate any effort that their family will put forward to giving them something. This is especially true if the present is something that they have made with their hands, for example, a framed picture or the restoration of an object that brings great sentimental value to them.

Just like the father in the next video. His family takes him to a cool restaurant where after dinner, they gather around to give him his present. What might it be? It looks like one of those artsy storage baskets, maybe made from wicker. The father opens it and starts taking out can after can of beer. The father looks happy with his present. Then, he takes out a bag of snacks. Just when he’s about to take out all the paper and call it a day, his family tells him there’s still one more thing to go. When the father takes it out, he completely loses it!