Stepdaughter and dad record hilarious video with over 6 million views, then mom hears about it!

Have you seen that show “carpool karaoke?” I swear it’s the funniest thing out now. There are a lot of videos out right now featuring ordinary and not-so-ordinary people lip-synching to top hits inside a car. Some of these episodes even feature famous singers singing along. The first time I saw it, I thought it wouldn’t catch on much… boy, was I wrong!

This show is just genius! This is something most of us do while driving. We will tune in our favorite station or play our favorite playlist and let it rip! No one can hear you sing, so if you don’t sound that good…who cares. There have been some memorable performances there but not quite like this one.

There’s this carpool with Camila Cabello and one of the Jonas brothers. The cool thing here is that Camila had been a die-hard fan of the Jonas Brothers way back when. Then, one day she finally got to meet him as a fan. She was totally star-struck and she snapped a photo without Jonas knowing. Of course, she still has that picture and shows it to the camera. They have a few laughs in the car and start singing.

Another fan-favorite was an episode with Shaq and John Cena. This would be one of the most unorthodox episodes because neither of them is an actual singer. Well, Cena did put out a couple of singles and Shaq has produced maybe three albums. Not exactly rookies in this league. They start the show calling each other some very unique names. They go back and forth at each other. Then Shaq starts singing some tunes on their way to the basketball court, and that just sounds like torture to Cena. They get to the court and have a shoot-off from the free-throw line. Guess who wins?

One after another, we have seen some pretty hilarious programs. The following video must be up there with the great ones. It features Cole and his wife Savannah’s daughter Everleigh. They both get in the car and they are looking like their usual selves. It’s a typical commute that’s gonna turn out the most untypical way.

Everleigh sits in the back seat and decides her dad should turn on the radio. They are both in the mood to rock out some of the best classics medley-style. One after the other they start going through each one. The best thing is that they are doing it with a different change of clothes for each one. This one will go down as one of the classics. Too funny not to watch!