Stepmom arrives at young girl’s birthday party, tears flow as she gives her a life changing present

Marriage is sometimes a very difficult road to travel. The pressure of living with someone can be enormous, or it can be the best thing you have ever done. We all start out in our marriages with the idea that it will last forever, to death as do part, but the reality is of course that not all marriages work. What about when there are children involved, what do you do? The children have to be the first priority and their wellbeing should always be put first, rather than your own. This is easier said than done. The kids don’t want their parents to breakup, but they should also not be subjected to the arguments that adults can have.

It is a known fact that over 50% of US marriages end in divorce. This is such a sad statistic, but we have to face facts that this is what happens. There are not always happy separations, and the pressure that that can put on a child can leave scars that will last forever. The good news is that there are around 1,300 families formed every day, and this mainly through the re-marriage of nearly 50% of the population according to the “Stepfamily Foundation”.

In these new families, or blended homes as they are known, the children of separated parents get either a stepmother or stepfather entering into their lives. Of course this is not something that happens overnight, it is a gradual process that can ease all of the parties into this brand-new situation. These new families can have their problems as well. Sometimes the children will have animosity toward their new step-parent, after all, in most case the child just wants their real mom and dad to be back together, and don’t understand the situation until they mature.

This is not the case in all new families though, sometimes it just all comes together with the mutual blessing of all parties involved. The video you will see below is a story of one such step-family that is just filled with love. The little girl featured is celebrating her birthday with family and friends, and is having a great time opening all of her presents. Finally it is her stepmothers turn to give her the birthday gift that she doesn’t know that will change her life forever. She is given a gift bag with a certificate inside. Her stepmom asked her to read it out loud, which she does without hesitation.

Click on the link below and witness a little girl’s special birthday present that will leave you in tears of joy as you see her finally realize what it is that she has been given. This beautiful event is definitely a Kleenex moment, so be prepared for an emotional YouTube moment.