He Steps Into A Field Of Big Cats. Seconds Later? I’m In TEARS!

Countless animal’s rights activists have fought and given their all to help wildlife for decades, but there are some of them who go the extra mile and give all they have to rescue animals that suffer abuse with their own hands. Giving the animals the space and safety that they need to survive is never easy, and that’s why the experts have to be so careful and mindful of everything that animals may need.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation is an organization that was created in Mexico to preserve big cat species and prevent any further harm to be done to their environment and the animals themselves. They’ve rescued many cats that were in abusive and dangerous conditions, be it circuses, illegal breeding centers, and even homes of people who had them in their possession illegally.

Over 30 tigers, jaguars, and lions have been saved all across Mexico, and there are plans to make the facilities bigger and more prepared to allocate more animals, so that the organization can take their work to the next level. They had to build the entire facilities themselves, from the ground up, and get their hands on with the animal rescues, giving everything that they possibly can to save every big cat that they can find.

Amazing groups of people like this one fill my heart in hope, and you can see their whole story in the video right below.


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