Steve Harvey asks, “What part of your wife is bigger than it should be?” The answer is…

I know, I am guilty. I am a Steve Harvey fan. There’s nothing he can say that won’t make me laugh out loud. Steve Harvey is a very funny guy that became famous for the now infamous Miss Universe glitch. I would not have liked to be in his place then and there. Imagine, you are on the grandest of all beauty pageants. I mean, it’s not like you’re covering Miss Glendale or anything.

So, you’re there. You made it. Everyone’s looking at you, and you can start to count all the zeroes you’re going to get in your bank account after that number one. All the contracts that will be coming your way. In fact, you’re getting invitations on your cell phone while you’re presenting the show. All your friends are congratulating you on social media.

“Yeah, Steve, you made it.” It’s been a long journey, but now you will start to reap the fruits of your labor. And you’re thinking life could not get easier. Everything in the show has gone wonderfully. It’s a beauty pageant but you’ve managed to slide in a joke or two. The crowd loves you and all you need to do is to place the crown jewel of your performance by announcing the winner.

Once a TV presenter gets to this arena, everything is going to be easy from now on. You see the judges deliberating and you feel that it’s going to be very close. You have picked your favorites already, but of course, you cannot tell anyone. Finally, you see the envelope, they give it you and you read it. Everyone’s happy and you’re ready to call it a day when suddenly, a mistake that has the potential of damaging your career…

Well, if it was anyone else, it would. But, if you’re Steve Harvey, that just doesn`t happen. Because Steve is a comedian, and a very good one if I might add. I was a fan way before the Miss Universe gig that made him famous. I love watching the Steve Harvey show and Family Feud. I am a very big fan of Family Feud. I’ve watched that show since way back when the other guy was the host.

In the following video, you see Steve with a group of contestants. Family Feud has some questions that can be easy or difficult, but one thing’s for sure, they will be very funny! Watch as the following contestants get ready for the next question. Steve asks the husband this, with his wife right next to him, “What part of your wife is bigger than it should be?”