Steve Harvey’s Audience Member Asks Why So Many White People Like Country. A Perfect Response!

Country music is widely scene as a genre reserved almost exclusively for white people. Any real country fan knows that’s not really the case. Although the artists and fans are predominantly white, there have been notable exceptions like Charley Pride and Darius Rucker.

Even the fanbase is more diverse than many people may believe. Country music reaches into the hearts and minds of people from all nationalities, cultures, and ethnic groups. There is a strong following outside the United States.

Despite this, there is no denying that really, most country fans are white, which leads to the impression that it’s a white person’s kind of music.

The reasoning as to why this is the case was recently posed to popular TV talk show host Steve Harvey during a segment called “Ask Steve”. An audience member grabbed the mic and asked Steve’s opinion on why country music is so popular with white people.

Her husband, who is white, loves country. But she’s not a fan. “The lyrics are too slow, depressing,” she said. “Always somebody died, dog died, mama died, dad died. And the beat, I can’t twerk, I can’t drop it down low and bring it back up.”

Harvey’s response is pure gold. He explains that he’s a fan of country music, and the realness that comes through the lyrics. You’ve got to hear his thoughts on this subject!

Watch Steve Harvey answer this tough question in the video below!

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