Stockings is a Kitty You Want to Meet. He Defies the Odds and Has Overcome His Disability.

When it comes to cute kittens or puppies with deformities or disabilities, you have to have a heart to watch these videos and think about the awesome things that they can do, that they have overcome. This cute kitten, Stockings, is one of those amazing spirts that was born with his legs backwards, but that doesn’t stop him from going forward!

While he has been through surgeries, he does not let his disability hold him back. He doesn’t let it stop him from going after the toys and being a normal kitty when he wants to be. He is not sad, and he is definitely a character.

He has had the surgery to correct his legs, and allow him to walk normally, though he didn’t have a problem finding out how to get from one point to another, without having the full use of his feel or legs. The cute little kitty shows off his personality within this clip, and you can feel your heart melting as you watch it! WE LOVE YOU, STOCKINGS! YOU ARE AWESOME!!