They Stood Together With Their Dogs. Now Watch The One On The Far Left! I Can’t Believe It!

Dogs are one of the best things a person could ever have. They are loyal and playful and they never fail to put a smile on our faces. And they try to participate in almost everything that you do. I am sure you have noticed it yourself, right? You could be binge watching some TV series and they will be right by your side on the couch. If you decide to go on a hike, they will be by your side then too!

In this clip, a group of people are enjoying themselves by the pool. Each one of these people has a dachshund with them. What they do next? An adorable dachshund race! The cute little pooches also look like they have their own personalities. You are going to melt when you see how these cute little things paddle through the water with their teeny-tiny feet!

One reason this clip is so great is because each dog has a nickname and the camera man tells their nickname and how they got it, and what their odds are of winning. Like it’s a horse race! It’s hilarious. I feel bad for Victoria. They say she’s the dumb blond and probably won’t even finish. Aww!

The one on the end is already paddling before he hits the water. It’s so cute. They are all cute and once they hit the water, they really are racing to the steps to finish.

Watch this adorable video below and see who wins! Have you ever seen a dachshund mini-race before? Let us know in the comments section!

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