Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before. A Gun, A Knife And A Knuckle Duster Walk Into A Bar…

While technology and new inventions never cease to impress, it’s crazy to look back at the skilled craftsmanship of other eras.

In this case, we stumbled across an Apache Pepperbox Knuckle Duster that’s like the late 19th/early 20th century weapon equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.

A Frenchman by the name of Louis Dolne patented the Apache Pepperbox Knuckle Duster in 1869. However, they were manufactured by a number of different companies in Europe until the turn of the century, about 1900.

An Apache revolver is a handgun which incorporates multiple other weapons, made notorious by the French underworld figures of the early 1900s known as Les Apaches. A combination of brass knuckles, revolver and double-edged knife, this multi-purpose weapon is very rare and a force to be reckoned with!

Due to the lack of a barrel, the revolver’s effective range is very limited, but since all of its component parts can be folded inward towards the cylinder, it was easily concealable inside a pocket. At close ranges, the revolver was extremely deadly.

The Texas Gun Blog takes a closer look, so follow along and breathe easy knowing you can admire it from afar.

What do you think of the Apache Pepperbox Knuckle Duster that is a combination of revolver, brass knuckles, and a double edged blade? Would you use this as a weapon that you carried around with you to protect yourself? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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