Stopping To Watch This Boy Dance, Crowd Surprise When Others Begin To Dance Too

The world is full of different wonderful and incredible dancing traditions. They are all ways of forgetting about formalities and work and getting everyone pumped up for an exciting time, but there is one type of dance in particular that stands out above the rest. It is a dance with magnetism and wonder so powerful that it will lift the moods of everyone in a crowd. This type of dancing is Irish dancing.

That’s right, Irish dancing is not just for Irish pubs and St. Patrick’s day. It is an expression of excitement and joy that can overcome any mundane day. This display of legs and feet lightly breezing across the ground is utterly mesmerizing and fills anyone who sees it up with joy.

In this wonderfully uplifting video, residents of Sydney, Australia are going about their normal day, walking through a train station. Suddenly, a young boy begins to perform his Irish dance. Everyone stops to watch this amazing feat, and suddenly an entire group bursts into action, multiplying the intensity of this dance, and giving everyone in the train station an unbelievable moment for their day.

Watch this video and experience the same joy and excitement that this crowd did when they first saw this boy dancing in the station. After seeing it for yourself, be sure to watch it with friends and then maybe  start an Irish dance-off.

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