She Stops Her Car To See This Puppy. What She Hands Her Owner? I Am Speechless!

Stray dogs are a very heartbreaking problem especially because we humans are the main culprits behind the large number of homeless dogs.  Puppy mills and supporting unethical breeders are some of the reasons why there is a huge surplus of pups on the street.  This situation is more upsetting when you picture these poor pooches trying to survive without the help of humans in a huge city.  Most of these strays are in desperate need for veterinary care.

There are countless dogs around the country living in absolute squalor, are being abused by their owners, and face horrible health issues, which are often the result of inbreeding, like you can see in this heartbreaking story of three siblings.

We know that sometimes a real transformation story has to be very bad before it gets good, but many times you don’t hear about the dogs who are rescued from such terrible situations on the news or other TV shows. That’s why Meredith Vieira decided to shed some light on this dark corner of animal rescue and team up with some heroes who are used to getting down and dirty to save the lives of helpless dogs.

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