Story of a kind family rescuing orphaned baby moose has us in tears

Orphaned baby moose

This video starts out quite sad, but hang in there: it has a happy ending! When the clip begins, we see a lone baby moose. It’s wandering the countryside by itself, calling out for its mother.

Orphaned baby moose

Unfortunately, this moose’s mother is nowhere to be found. She’s presumed dead, and his brother has drowned at the seaside nearby. In other words, this baby moose has no one left to stand by his side.

Thankfully, TikTok user @vestengan and her family knew he was there, and they showed up to help! The family had recently been contacted by the wildlife service, who knew of the baby’s predicament but weren’t able to help him themselves.

Orphaned baby moose

The family headed out to find the moose. Eventually, they found him and brought him back to their animal rescue farm. They’ve since named the moose “Helge.” We get to see him at his new home in the latter half of the video.

“Now he is living with us at our farm,” reads the captions across the screen. We can see a hand petty Helge, who’s comfortably snuggling with his new human mother.

Orphaned baby moose

The family may not be moose themselves, but they have a lot of experience in rescuing abandoned animal babies. Helge will undoubtedly receive a lot of love and attention during his time on the farm.

Helge’s story began as a sad one, being all alone in the world at only two days old. However, he didn’t have to wait very long for his first big blessing, so we’re sure that the rest of his days will be happy ones. “Welcome little one, we will do our best to give you a wonderful life ❤️!”


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