Stranded deer surrenders when he realizes he’s not on the menu

You’re about to watch a good-hearted man make his way to the middle of a frozen pond to rescue a creature frightened out of its mind.

Gil Lancour saw a deer valiantly struggling on a frozen lake, desperately trying to get to shore to reunite with the members of his family.

Every time it tried to get up, it would slip all over the place. Gil knew what had to be done, so he sprang into action.

He carefully walked over the frozen surface of the body water, not knowing how thin the ice might be. Finally, he was standing right next to the frightening creature.

Gil slid the deer across the ice after placing his hands on it to calm it down. Once they reached shore, the deer got on his feet and ran off into the woods.

We need more people like Gil in the world—people who show a little kindness to our animal friends. If more people were like Gil, this planet would be a much better place.