Strange alien-like formation stuns deep sea researchers

You never know what you’re going to find when you push a camera into the deepest waters of the ocean.

Imagine exploring so deep into the ocean that what you find turns everything you know about marine life upside down. You find yourself exploring an alien world.

Rocks that should be toxic to life, even possibly radioactive, are teeming with life. Some samples of rock are so full of organisms, the divers don’t notice them all until they review footage of the dive.

Down in these depths, life isn’t nourished by sunlight from the sky. Sustenance comes from gases and minerals that seep through hot vents in the ground below.

Researchers send remote-controlled equipment down to great depths in the ocean and they discover ecosystems that are leagues away from what anyone expected.

Boiling vents provide nourishment and rocks that should be toxic are teeming with life. The heated water forms shimmering mirrors on the surfaces of some rocks creating a masterpiece of beauty and awe.


Strange alien-like formation stuns deep sea researchers