Strange creatures arrive to the shores of the east coast. You won’t believe what it is.

After all the hard work and effort you have made during the year there is nothing better than enjoying a well deserved vacations in the beach. Spending a good time can be just the thing you needed to recharge your batteries. The sunny sky, fresh air, the sound of the waves and the sand beneath your feet are some of the features that can make you very relax and at the same time helps to gain strength for a new journey in work.

We can say for sure that the main attraction is the ocean, taking a nice bath in the salty water is a unique and calm experience. We can also observe a lot of beautiful things that Mother Nature kindly brings to our presence, a good variety of algae, beautiful shells that you can collect and if you go to the right places you can see marvellous creatures like dolphins, turtles and different types of fish.

But you must be careful though; there is an entire list of other animals out there that can be very dangerous if you don’t know how to deal with them. We already know there could be sharks in the water, and we know that we should watch our feet because we might end up stepping on a sea hedgehog. However there is another animal we want to talk you about, most of the time is being confused with a regular Jellyfish but the fact is they are not, it is known as Portuguese man-of-war or simply man-of-war. The odd name comes from an 18th-century armed sailing ship because the animal’s form resembles the ship at full sail.

The appearance of this class of invertebrate is very similar to a Jellyfish; it has a transparent body with a very bright blue and purple tonality, it has been classified as a Siphonophore, an animal made up of a colony of organisms working together, so we should use the term “they” instead of “It” when we refer to them. The upper body of the Portuguese man-of-war is composed by a bladder filled with gas; this is why they are also known as blue bottles.

The other living organism part of this creatures are the tentacles on the lower body, they extend all the way down into the ocean reaching up to 165 ft long. The tentacles are totally covered in venom with the intention of paralyze and kill small preys, even after their death they can still sting you very hard so you must avoid contact at all time. Do not hesitate to see a doctor if you get in touch with one of these.

After seeing the Portuguese man-of-war, there is no doubt that this world is full with unknown creatures waiting to be discovered. If you want to know more information about this exotic animal just click play on the video below and be prepared to be amazed. Don’t forget to share with your friends and leave your comment.