Stranger Asks About Baby’s Condition, Then Sends Waiter To Deliver Note That Leaves Her STUNNED

One of the things that expecting parents hope for is healthy babies. Other aspects like gender are not that important to them. Having a healthy baby takes preparation from the parents. Eating well is only one aspect. Some habits must be cut. No smoking, no drinking and especially no drugs.

At times, not even that is helpful. It is not only a question of good habits or great food. Genetics play a big part in the baby’s condition as well. There are various genetic factors at play here. There are usually a few blood tests that can tell parents how possible it is for their baby to be born with a condition or defect. Ultrasounds are also used for this purpose. They help doctors “see” the baby.

Testing positive on one of these tests is devastating for the parents. They are left with a lot of questions. The questions that they can’t think of at the consultation. Some parents go through the “why me?” phase. Realizing that this situation is real and it’s not going away is tough. Following up on that is a lot more difficult. Parenting is difficult already, this is something a lot more serious.

There are parents that take the news with a different approach. They immediately start to research on the condition and alternatives. They become experts on the physical and psychological aspects. They are very supportive of their children. They make them feel like they are normal as anyone else. This takes a lot of love and matureness by the parents.

When Chris and Sara see their baby’s ultrasound for the first time, something isn’t right. Their baby, Brody has a rare form of chromosome condition. The condition is called bilateral cleft lip and pallet. Only nine other babies in the world have it. The condition is not fatal, but too much for some parents to deal with. The doctors ask Chris and Sara if they want to keep the baby. For them, there is no question. Brody is their son and they can’t wait for him to be born.

The baby is born and they cannot be happier. They proudly share pictures of the baby on their social media pages. They are not prepared for the unkindness and cruelty of some of the comments, “What’s wrong with your son’s face?” reads one of them. They are heartbroken. They go to a restaurant and one person asks the waiter for the baby’s condition. He hands the waiter a note to deliver to them. When Sara reads it, she cannot believe her eyes.