Stray cat is the newest addition at a local fire house

There’s something about stray cats that pulls at the heartstrings of the American people and makes them want to adopt the kittens. This is even true for a fire station in Greenville, South Carolina.

When this stray cat showed up at the firehouse, the firefighters knew they had found a new teammate. He has undoubtedly grown to love life at the firehouse, naming the cat Flame.

Getting into all of the nooks and crannies of the station, Flame’s days are filled with endless exploration. And he’s not at all bothered by the loud noises that come with working in a fire station.


Even sitting on top of one of the fire trucks while its lights are going off, you can tell that this cat truly feels like a part of the team, and everyone is willing to welcome him in.

Having a cat hanging around the firehouse provides some relaxation and calmness for these brace firefighters whose days are often consumed by chaotic events.

Even getting into some nasty areas, like the tailpipes of the firetrucks, Flame does a little bit of everything. The firefighter doesn’t mind giving him a bath when he gets too dirty.

It’s adorable to see stray animals find their home and adequately care for them. For Flame, he seems to have found the perfect fit and may have even been a firefighter in a past life.

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Stray cat is the newest addition at a local fire house