Stray cat rescued from wall kisses his new cat sibling everyday


It is common to hear about cats and dogs getting stuck in buckets, boxes, pipes, and baskets. However, very few of you must have heard about such animals getting stuck inside a wall.

Recently, residents of a house found a stray cat stuck inside one of their house walls. Unfortunately, the poor animal was stuck in the same position for more than a week to make matters worse.

The residents decided to rescue the cat as quickly as possible. So they provided some titbits and a bowl of milk to the cat. Meanwhile, they inspected possible ways to get the cat out of the wall. Upon close inspection, they discovered that the hole from where the poor animal drank the bowl full of milk was too small to pull him out. So they decided to make another hole in an adjacent wall.

Stray cat

They tried to call the cat out from the newly made hole in the adjacent wall but failed to make the cat move. So, although the rescuers could see the cat, they could not reach out to the animal.

Finally, they decided to make the hole, where the cat drank the milk, a bit bigger. They used a hammer to make the hole bigger. After a few smashes, they succeeded. Next, the kind residents tried to put a lasso around the cat’s head. Still, to their surprise, the animal was peacefully sleeping.

Stray cat

After coaxing the cat a bit, they managed to lasso the animal and pull the cat out from the wall. After staying in a limited space for a week, the cat got super excited by the open space. The animal, Walldo, tried to run everywhere and kept hissing at the rescuers. Finally, they tried to get the cat inside a carrier, where they had placed some blankets for the animal. After fighting with the rescuers, the cat finally went inside the carrier.

After receiving proper care and treatment, Walldo was adopted by a loving owner, where he found a cat sibling. He got happy with his new life and soon overcame the trauma he had to go through earlier inside the wall.

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