Stray cat treated like trash until a man lifts the lid and sees his worth

Cats are gorgeous little animals, charming and graceful. Although they have a reputation for being overly independent, they can actually be wonderful and loving pets. It’s true there’s always a little wild animal in any cat but this only adds to their appeal. No wonder there are over 90 million pet cats — and that’s just in the United States. Unfortunately, there are also millions of stray cats out there. Instead of getting the good treatment that any cat deserves, strays often face abuse from humans and attacks from other cats.

Barnaby was a 15 year-old stray who somehow survived on the mean streets of New Jersey. His grizzled appearance, battered face, and torn ear are the legacies of a hard-knock life. Fortunately, this tough old guy was rescued and found himself at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. Barnaby quickly melted the hearts of everyone there. They knew he would be an incredibly loyal feline friend for anyone willing to adopt an older cat. But they also knew finding that someone would not be easy.

The Animal Orphanage posted a photo of Barnaby on social media and asked for help finding him a forever home. That’s how veterinarian Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare discovered Barnaby. Obviously this cat would need special care, being old and still recovering from his life on the streets. Living with a vet might be just the thing! So they adopted him. A few days later, the Sheehans took Barnaby to a clinic for a checkup. Everyone there loved the old guy from the get-go and before long they were stepping over each other for a chance to fuss over him — this had Barnaby swaggering around like he owned the place! Best of all, his health actually improved: he gained some weight and his coat started looking a lot better.

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