Stray dog chased away by people gets rescued by kind women

One day, Lisa Arturo and Lisa Chiarelli received a call from a concerned citizen asking for their help rescuing a stray dog. People would throw rocks at the dog, trying to get rid of him. So both rescuers drove to the location on Memorial Day weekend.

They had a plan in mind and waited in front of the house for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then, they drove around the neighborhood and searched for the dog in the nearby alleys. They spent about 5 hours trying to search for the stray dog. Unfortunately, they failed to locate him. Before leaving, the rescuers asked the caller to leave a blanket on the front porch.

The next day they received a text saying that the dog showed up and was lying on the blanket. They reached the house with a special cage. They were heartbroken at the dog’s sight because the stray was full of wrinkles and scabs. His face was also sunken, and his eyes were almost invisible. The rescuers couldn’t determine his age.

They put a leash around his head and fed him with some chicken pieces. Finally, they managed to get the dog in a cage and lifted him to their van. The rescuers took the dog to the vet to get a good bath and fix his eye and skin infections.

The dog felt much better after the bath, and his skin improved slightly. He liked the pampering that he received and began wagging his tail. Soon he transformed into a handsome dog. His hair grew back, and his infections were gone.

When Amy and Kieran saw the dog, they understood that he was the dog for their family. So they adopted him, and he fit into the family seamlessly. Amy also had a female Rottweiler, and the dogs got along nicely.

Soon, he came out of his shell and accepted his new life happily. He loved to chase things and play with his dog sibling. Although he was a grown-up, he always behaved like a puppy.

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Stray dog chased away by people gets rescued by kind women