Stray Dog Finds It Hard To Trust People. Her Turnaround Is SO Remarkable To Watch .

There are many broken people and animals out there in the world. Life is hard and it takes an amazing support network to be able make our way through our journey. Imagine how hard it is for a person who has lived a hardscrabble life to break that shell of mistrust in anyone but themselves. That sort of psychology is in action in this video about a canine who lived on the streets and only relied on herself before she was brought to a shelter.

We see a former stray dog named Sassy. She was very afraid of people and shied away from even the most incidental contact. The shelter wanted to see her adopted, so they had a trainer go to work on building up her self-confidence and trust. It wasn’t an easy process, as the first pictures in the video showed a very crushed and dispirited dog who showed no inclination whatsoever in letting people get near her.

Sassy’s trainer never gave up, working with her steadily for six months. Over the course of that time, she slowly began to trust. As the time went by, she went from cowering in the side of a cage to openly letting the trainer pet her on the head and scratch her behind her ears. Eventually, she “graduated” and was given a forever home with a forever mommy, and she couldn’t be happier, showering her with kisses every day. What a change!

It’s so cool to see Sassy become, well… sassy. She becomes an exuberant, outgoing dog… basically the opposite of what she was before. It took a lot of work, she certainly wasn’t an overnight success story, but she was well worth the effort. It just goes to show you that we should never give up, no matter how daunting a task may seem. We can all let out our inner Sassy at some point in our lives.

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