This Stray Dog Was Rescued, But Things Didn’t Look So Good For Her… Until She Met THIS Woman!

There’s no denying that life for a stray dog is very hard. Even if you’re rescued, things don’t always go great just like that. The story featured in the video below tells us about Missy, a German shepherd who was found on the streets in a very bad state. She had clear signs of neglect, she looked like she did not eat well at all, showed signs of heartworm disease, and because of that, she didn’t have much hope to survive. Thankfully, Missy went to Plano Animal Services to recover and hopefully find a forever home.

A staff member of a special program, named Jackie Konold, noticed that Missy had something that not every dog had. So she took the 3-yr-old cutie would be a great candidate for Rebuilding Warriors, a non-profit dog training facility that gives service dogs homes, and helps war veterans get treatment and happiness with new dog friends. The work they do is truly remarkable! After she finished her training, Missy found a forever home right away. Stories like these always brighten up my day!

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