This Stray Dog Saved This Little Girl From The Cold After She Got Lost!

Being lost is one of the worst sensations in the world. It manages to trigger anxiety, frustration, desperation and another host of negative emotions that  make it absolutely stifling. Well this little 3-year-old girl named Julia experienced this first-hand and fortunately was rescued in time to be treated.

Julio wandered a bit too far from her house in Poland during a particularly cold night. Police, firefighters, rescue workers and residents made up the team of more than 250 that tackled the search for the missing child.  They even used a police helicopter with infrared technology and six specially trained search dogs to aid in the operation. Julia had wandered off into the dark woods near her village.

The night went by and everyone feared the worst, however firefighters found Julia lying next to a stray dog, she had miraculously survived the night!  The stray turned out to be an old friend of Julia who routinely played and ran around with her!  At the hospital the girl was treated for frostbite but the authorities and doctors credit the black stray dog as being the reason why Julia Survived!

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