This Stray Dog Was About To Suffocate, And His Time Almost Ran Out!

We’ve seen them in other amazing rescue videos before, and today, Animal Aid United are at it once again! This animal rescue group from India has gathered a lot of attention online, because of the amazing savings that they do to stray animals in their country, a place where stray dogs are a very serious and severe problem. They do all their best to help the animals, and they also make amazing videos of their rescues. They do all of this in order to raise awareness about this grave issue.

One of their cases really stole my heart. In the following video, you will see how the team reaches deep into the woods to look for a dog after receiving a report from a woman who spotted them. After hearing him cry out for help, she immediately reached for her phone and alerted them, knowing that they could take charge without a problem.

After searching for him all around the place, they finally got him after a few hours of looking. He had his head stuck inside a plastic jar, and was almost suffocated, if it hadn’t been for the quick response from Animal Aid, the poor pup might not had made it in time.

You can watch this thrilling animal rescue for yourself right below.

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