Stray Dog Waits As Rescuers Save Each One Of Her Puppies. Will They Get Them All to Safety?

Overpopulation of stray dogs has been turning into a national problem. Many campaigns have been created to combat this problem. One of the most serious things is that strays are usually born in extremely unsanitary conditions. We all know that animals normally give birth in the wild, but they do it in areas that have not been contaminated by humans. Whenever a stray dog gives birth in an urban area, it’s usually very near trash or polluted areas.

Many organizations rescue these animals to try to make sure that the mother and the puppies remain in excellent health. Besides that, there also take care of finding them a suitable home. Adopting a pet is something that will change your family’s life. There are many studies that indicate that children who grow up with pets at home tend to have better judgment. They usually tend to behave better at school as well as at home.

Whenever a rescue organization gets a call to rescue a mother with her puppies, they get to the site as soon as they can. They have specialized staff that can make sure the mother stays in good health. There are times they get there, and the mother is having problems getting one or more puppies born. In this case, the rescuers help the mother give birth without taking control of the whole situation.

This is a process where the mother needs to be completely involved. Once she is finished, the rescuers usually give her a warm bath and make sure that no one is left behind. The mother and the puppies spend some time in the shelter recovering from their birth. Once they have all their vaccinations they can be adopted.

Hopes For Paws receives another called for a stray dog. They are told that she has probably given birth but the number of puppies remains unknown. They get to the site very fast and find her under some bushes. By the time they arrive, she has already finished giving birth. One by one the rescuers count each puppy and make sure they are doing okay.

As soon as they take out the last one, the puppy’s mother goes out thinking they’re going to take her babies away. Of course, she’s going to go with them to also find a loving home. Hopes For Paws is a wonderful organization that has been responding to a lot of calls. Organizations like this really make a difference in helping control pet overpopulation around the country. Watching these newborn puppies get cleaned and nurtured is the cutest thing ever!