Stray Dog Wanders Into A Monastery, the Monks Make Him A Cute Honorary Friar

Some of the stories we Dogs That Are Rescued Are among the Most Dramatic. When a Stray Dog Is Rescued, He’s Usually in Very Bad Condition. Some of Them Have Fleas or ticks. Their best bet is to be adopted in a loving home shortly after they are rescued.

This depends not only on the medical staff but on the dog as well. There are some dogs that are left with scars that are not very easy to heal. Some of them have been traumatized by years of abuse or neglect. Like for example a dog who was beaten daily and developed an understandable fear for humans.

There have been other cases where a dog has to be taken to a “dog psychologist.” Whenever a dog needs to receive this type of specialized treatment is because rescuers are not able to heal their emotional scars. The way these dogs are healed is by “dog-group therapy.”

This is when a dog is introduced into a small pack of dogs. The dog is then socialized with the other animals in the pack. After some time, the dog learns to trust other dogs. This is crucial in the dog’s adoption as many dog owners have more than one dog. The last part of this dog’s recovery is to socialize and with other people including children. If they are successful the dog can be adopted very soon.

There are other cases which are not as dramatic as this one. There is a very famous video going viral and it all happened in Bolivia. A stray dog got adopted by some monks at a monastery. One of the patrons of the monastery believed in love for animals. This patron believed love should not only be shown to humans. Animals also have a heart and feelings to him. So, one of his requests to all was to show that love.

He would rescue stray dogs on a weekly basis and adopt many of them. He would encourage the church members to adopt as well. He believed that if you can show love to a defenseless animal, then they could show it to anyone. They wanted to show their special love for this dog named Carmelo. They dressed him up in a special rope designed for him. They took some pictures and the result went viral. He’s not only an honorary friar but also a very cute sight to see. The monks uploaded the pictures and viewers went crazy. Click on the video to find out why!