A Stray Dogs Life, Seen From Their Own Point Of View. You Can’t Miss This!

Some videos tell stories that are so amazing and compelling, that we can’t help but share them with you as fast as we can when we come across them. This particular clip is named “A Street Dog’s Life”, and it’s one of the most touching animal cruelty videos that I’ve ever seen. In today’s day and age, there are currently millions of stray dogs living in America’s street every day, and if we do not do something about this soon, the crisis could get much worse. This video was created to spread awareness about this very serious issue, and you must not miss watching it!

World For Animal Care & Adoptions made this video with special effects and a healthy and safe dog (no dogs were actually harmed during the creation of this video), but it gives us a very real glimpse at the hardships and terrible conditions that dogs have to survive in the streets of India. This Mumbai-based organization is completely non-governmental, and it aspires to make people more conscious about the issue that we all have to work on together to solve: stray puppers.

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