Stray Mama Dog Notices Something Strange In Alleyway, Her Motherly Instincts Spring Into Action

This is one story where actions truly speak louder than words. Even though the video is not in English, but in Spanish, it is testimony to the kind heart of a loving mama dog who noticed something that should not have been abandoned.

Now we live in a society where the concept of ‘use and throw’ has become very common, but never, in all my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that a mother could abandon her child in an alleyway, leaving the infant to die. There are so many things that are wrong with this scenario that I cannot even begin to comprehend the horror of that action.

However, the true hero of the story came to light when nearby residents heard a crying noise in the morning and came to investigate. Alejandra Griffa heard the crying wails of the infant and when she saw the sight, she was stunned. The dog had curled herself next to the baby and the authorities determined that the baby survived the bitter cold of the night only thanks to the dog’s body heat.

The mama dog just had a litter of her very own, and this mama’s mothering instincts took over when she saw the abandoned child lying in the alleyway. If it weren’t for the thoughtful actions of Way the dog, the infant would not be alive today.

It is moments like these when I question how compassionate we as humans really are, and just how thoughtful and kind hearted animals are. This story really should be SHARED because this is a huge testimony to how there is no difference in love – there should be no barriers between creatures living on this planet. We should all learn to live and love one another and help a person and animal in distress.

What did you think of the story? I was so touched by Way’s actions and horrified by the unknown mother who abandoned her child. Please SHARE this story – dogs are loving animals and everyone should know how big their hearts really are. Write in to us and tell us your thoughts on this story.

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