Brave stray mama dog raises pups despite heartbreaking condition

Stray dog and puppies

Canines are known to be resilient, strong, and loving. This is certainly true for this dog, Dora, as she tries to overcome many odds to be a good mom and enjoy her life.

Stray dog

Hit by a motorcycle in Mexico and having a litter of puppies to nurture and take care of, Dora was dealt a callous hand at life. However, she is determined to thrive.

When she was found on the road, her rescuer immediately knew to take her to the vet. The veterinarian determined that Dora still had some feeling in her legs.

Stray dog

After receiving a couple of spinal surgeries, Dora was on track to being a happy dog again. Less shy, timid, and afraid, you can see as she regains her confidence to walk again.

Dora developed incredible strength by teaching herself to walk using her two front legs. This dog’s determination to get better is absolutely amazing to see.

Stray dog

With assistant wheels to suspend her back legs in the air, Dora again has her independence back. She’s able to move around freely, and you can tell that her tail wags are speaking volumes about her happiness.

Dora’s mission to heal from Mexico to Washington state continues onward. Her resilience, patience, and suffering from such a tragic accident are genuinely inspiring to see and give hope for dogs everywhere.

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