Stray Pitbull Saved On Dangerous Freeway! Amazing Rescue!

There are truly kind people in the world, in this video you’ll see a confirmation of this sentiment!  Hope For Paws is an amazing organization that helms rescue initiative for homeless puppies. Veyron, the pitbull from this video, was found lurking around the Los Angeles Freeway, after months of living on the streets. He was trying to sick shelter around the brush around the road.  The pitbull was in an extremely alarmed state and reacted nervously to the attempt to rescue him. This was a huge concern because with one false move they could have lost Veyron to oncoming traffic.

Veyron is a beautiful dog and it’s really devastating to see how he is shaking and twitching in fear and sadness, just before he was able to receive help. Once the rescue is successful, the pitbull was able to resume a healthy happy life, starting once again! His transformation by the end of the video is absolutely amazing, you won’t be able to stop smiling!  It is heartening to see just how kind and selfless humans can be!

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