A Street Musician Calls a Bystander to Join Him. No One There Was Prepared for THIS!

Street performers have in their ranks, some of the most talented people around. At times, it’s because they have been performing in the street waiting for their big break. They know that once a promoter or talent manager shows up or happens to listen to them, they can be on their way to stardom and a great singing career.

Some of them perform in front of random people in the street for years before they get their break. Some of them never do, but they are still happy. They have the one privilege that most people in this world don’t: to do what they love.

Well, the next video is from a great street musician. He is a reggae singer and is entertaining people with his guitar. Then, he sees a woman who appears to be enjoying his show a little more than everyone in attendance that afternoon. He invites her to song with him and he gets a surprise he wasn’t expecting. The woman seemed to be dressed in work clothes, but oh my! The pipes this woman has are out of this world!

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