This Street Musician Was Playing All Alone. But When A Stray Cat Walked Up To Him? I’m FLOORED!

Pets make our life a lot better. Just ask James Bowen! This street musician went through a lot of struggles and personal problems in his life. He had a hard time just trying to make ends meet. But then he met Bob. When this stray cat approached him one day, no one, including James, could have ever predicted what would happen next!

The little feline was only looking for somewhere warm to sleep. But when he and James ended up together, it was nothing short of a miracle. They formed a friendship unlike anything ever. Their unforgettable bond has been penned down in a book called “A Street Cat Named Bob” and it has taken the world by storm.

The book became an international sensation and landed on the bestseller list in England for 52 consecutive weeks! It was sold in 26 countries worldwide. The book has helped to open up people’s minds and perceptions about homeless people.

In this clip we see how Bowen met Bob and took him in to nurse him back to health. They have a very strong bond. Bob hangs out on Bowen’s shoulders as they walk down the street, and he high-fives Bowen every time he asks. They are at a book signing in England in this video, and some people have traveled hours by train to meet the pair.

These people talk about how their perception of the homeless has changed. They bring gifts for Bob and get their books signed, and Bowen isn’t above giving a hug and kiss to his fans. It’s a really touching story.

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