Street performer singing for crowd when woman abruptly interrupts for a chilling duet

Cities are chock full of all sorts of interesting and intriguing people. You’ll find workaday folks busy making ends meet, kids finding their place in the world, captains of industry, celebrities, local eccentrics, and more. There are interconnections you might not even suspect exist and that’s part of how the whole manages to be more than the sum of the parts. Among the people enlivening the cityscape are street musicians. Some are destined for stardom, others not. But they all deserve credit for putting themselves out there to pursue their dreams.

One of the more accomplished street musicians is Lampa Faly. He was born in Senegal in West Africa and moved to Cape Verde at a young age to launch a career as a painter. In his spare time, he pursued an interest in music. That side interest ultimately took over and he ended up moving to Italy to busk full-time on the streets of Milan.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, Lampa is good enough to attract quite an audience. Here, he’s performing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” Part of his 1977 album “Exodus,” it’s Marley’s most popular song. You might recognize it from its famous lyrics: “Every little thing is gonna be alright.” Four decades later, what inspired Marley remains a matter of dispute. One story has it that three canaries regularly visited a windowsill at his house in Jamaica. However, reggae backup singers “I Three” claim that Marley referred to them as the “Three Little Birds.”

While Lampa was performing “Three Little Birds,” a woman in the audience was singing along. Lampa and his drummer noticed and encouraged her to come on “stage” and join them. She was a little bashful at first, but finally gave in. Dressed in smart business attire, Dasha Pearl came up to the mic and shared her amazing singing voice with everyone.

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