When This Street Performer Started Playing “Superman”, This Energetic Grandma Couldn’t RESIST!

A 77 years old grandma was so enchanted by a street singer’s cover of the hit song “Superman”, that she started dancing along right then and there, in the middle of the crowd. She looks as happy as ever, and she seems to have no idea that they recorded her while that was happening! Little did she know, that when her video was posted online by the bystander who recorded it, it would go viral and get shared by thousands of people immediately.

And it’s easy to see why! Not only is the performance by the street musician spot on, but her dance moves are so energetic and happy, it’s hard not to tap along with your feet while you watch it! This enthusiastic granny demonstrates that age is not a number, and it definitely cannot hold us back no matter what anyone says.

This little clip is simple, short and sweet, but it made a huge impact on the online community. Gail, the woman depicted in it, seems so happy and youthful while she dances, it gives us hope that no matter how much time you spend on Earth, what counts is what you do with it.

Enjoy this beautiful moment right below!

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