A struggling mom of four works as a waitress. Then she sees the tip!

Raising a family has never been so difficult. Back in the day, couples started their families young and they had a lot of kids. The economy and the entire situation allowed for them to be able to make it without much trouble. People had bigger houses and it didn’t take them an arm and a leg to do so. Today, living the dream is also possible but it takes a lot more work to do it.

This is something that a girl named Jessica and her family were about to find out. Jessica was a regular young woman with a lot of dreams. When she was in school, she was liked by all her teachers, particularly one of them. This teacher liked her so much that she stayed in contact with Jessica and even introduced her future husband through mutual friends. Her name is Kimberly.

Jessica and her husband became inseparable since the day they met. It was one of those things that they both knew they were meant to be from the very start. After a while dating, they got engaged and then got married. After their marriage, they started forming their family rather quickly. And before they knew it, they were a family of six.

Their four kids kept them busy, but it also meant that they needed a steady flow of income coming in. Jessica started working as a waitress at the local Chili’s restaurant while her husband worked as a wood craftsman. They were starting to make progress when then, the unexpected happened. Jessica’s husband, Robert, was diagnosed with testicle cancer.

This diagnosis changed everything as they would later find out that Robert’s cancer had spread to his stomach. He was flown from their hometown to the L.A. Hospital to received more specialized attention. This would mean that Jessica would have to commute to the hospital back and forth after her shift at the restaurant.

Many days, she didn’t feel like going to work or smiling, but it was her husband and her four kids who kept her going. They were like the engine in her life. She didn’t care if she had to finish her shift at night and then travel at 3 am to get there. Unfortunately, this meant a lot of wear and tear on their vehicle, and with all the bills piling up, the possibility of losing their house was also there. Today, she goes for her shift once again but doesn’t know the Surprise Squad is going to give her the shift of her life!