This Struggling Street Performer Finally Gets His Break. What Changed? The Addition of A Friendly Cat!

Bob was a street cat. James played music on the streets of London. Then one day, James came home to his apartment to find that Bob had come inside. Bob got sick and James plunked down all his money to pay for his vet bill. Then something really cool happened: Bob got better and joined James on the street while he played his music. People fancied Bob and started dropping more money for James. He came out with the musician every day – even willingly wearing a leash, something cats NEVER do. Soon he became a quasi-celebrity that spawned a book.

Over the years, pets have acted as muses for artists and writers. There’s William Wegman’s Weimaraner dogs. Surely a real-life cat inspired Garfield. Plenty of painters have used their pets as subjects. But there are times when an animal can be the impetus behind an artist’s success – successfully lifting them out of the doldrums. Times like this video.

I can’t say that I’m fortunate to have a connection with my cats like this fellow does. My kitties get annoyed whenever I start working. One of them even sits down by my chair and starts meowing REALLY loudly. I put on my music headphones. Well… that just sets her off even more. The other on has a habit of jumping in my lap when I’m working. I’m fortunate, though. He doesn’t have a habit of sitting on my keyboard.

Hah. That was a joke pretending that he sat on my keyboard. I didn’t suddenly get sick and stop writing. There are artists or writers that have pets that can act as a muse for them. I think tranquilizer darts may be involved… just kidding, again. It’s really hypnosis. Seriously though, they just enjoy each other’s company and give each other space. That’s all part of a successful friendship/ partnership. All because James showed him kindness

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