Struggling Veteran Can’t Afford To Feed Family. What Happens Next Will Really Move You.

The soldiers who serve in the military face a tough life. There’s no two ways of looking at it. They risk life and limb, putting themselves on the front line to save the people of their country so that peace can reign. Yet when they come back from war, they find it tough to find employment and at times can barely afford to feed their families. It is a really sad life and one that should not exist.

When a social experiment is conducted in a super market in San Antonio, a place which has a huge number of veterans, the actors were wondering what would happen. Posing as a veteran, a man stands in line to pay for his groceries which mostly comprise of baby food and diapers for a new born at home that was born during his deployment. Sadly, his credit card doesn’t work and he short of cash to pay for the entire bill. When he tries to put away certain items from the list, he finds that there are guardian angels around him.

This is a heart warming video that highlights the trials and tribulations our soldiers have to face when they are back on home soil. Many times the people waiting in queue behind him offer to pay the balance and one woman even offers to pay the entire bill, including the soldier’s beer! This is an experiment that highlights the goodness of the people of San Antonio that appreciate what the veterans have done for the country.

The best part is that many of these good, kind hearted souls barely have enough to pay for their own bills and have to sell scrap metal or get coupons to buy their own groceries. This is a case of having barely enough, but still being able to share the little they have in recognition for the efforts of the veterans.

Do you know of anyone who has served in the military? What are your thoughts on this social experiment? What would YOU have done? Let us know in the comments section below.

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