Stubborn Baby Elephant Stops Walking With Herd. Mommy Handles It Perfectly.

It’s always frustrating when a child, be it human or animal, suddenly plops down and refuses to move. Especially in public. When this happens, many parents have a deer-in-the-headlights look. What do they do here? They can quietly scold, but that often doesn’t work. Dragging them along might get authorities involved. Patience is in order, but that can be in short supply, given the circumstances. Maybe people can see how a mommy elephant handled a situation like this.

A caravan of cars and trucks are watching this herd of elephants at Kruger National Park in Africa. A young calf is standing in the middle of the road and suddenly falls to the ground. The nature of his fall suggests his just being fed up walking, rather than any sudden illness. The problem is, even though he’s young, he’s still BIG. Probably nothing short of a crane could move him. Then his mommy comes over and tries to get him moving. It doesn’t go well at all.

I can just imagine the conversation between all the elephants. “I’m tired, Mom!” “You get up RIGHT NOW. You’re keeping all the metal grumbly machines with the pink creatures from moving on!” “Don’t care. Resting.” “Why can’t you be more like your brother?” “Yeah, move, you lazy poopy pants.” “MOM!” “Don’t make me get mad.” “Sigh. OK. OK.” It looks like humans aren’t the only ones that deal with stubborn children.

Of course, I hope that the baby elephant was fine and was just being lazy. The mother doesn’t seem overly concerned that the calf is sick. If she was, she probably would have lay vigil by his side. Instead, she keeps him from rolling over to his other side and finally pesters him into walking again. It may have just been a really, really hot day that day. I know that there are some days that are so hot that even walking a block tires me out. That’s what may have happened here.

Even as stubborn as he was, wasn’t this calf SO cute? Wouldn’t you agree? Please tell us your opinion below!

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