Stubborn Cockatoo Does NOT Want To Go To The Vet. He Lets His Mom Know With This Hilarious Reaction!

Taking your pet to the vet is almost always an adventure. Yes, I’m allowing an ‘almost’ for the mutant creatures who ENJOY going. They happily jump into their crate or your vehicle’s backseat. Those anomalies also practically sprint into the office and are calm during their exam and vaccine shots. Back on Planet Earth, though, some people have to carve out at least an hour to coax their animal into their carrying case. Some of those owners gird themselves with armor beforehand.

Such a scenario is unfolding in this video. A guy has to take his pet cockatoo to the vet and the bird wants absolutely no part of this. First, it hides under a dresser and then it moves around the apartment while conducting a running monolog in what almost sounds like a human language. In fact, if you close your eyes, you can imagine a little Joe Pesci doing a voiceover for an animated film about a bird avoiding going to the vet.

We all fear things. There are times that I want to hide under my bed instead of going to the dentist. There’s a little less stress if I’ve been flossing regularly, though. This cockatoo is just expressing his stress about the situation and he’s also lucky to be able to hide in some really tight spots. If I even tried to go into those places, firemen would have to come pry me out with the Jaws of Life.

Hopefully, the owner was eventually able to get the bird to the vet. Eventually, one can wear down the pet and get them into the crate. There may be some scratches involved. I’m pretty sure this guy was laughing all the way to the vet’s office when thinking about this reaction. The vet’s bill may have turned that smile upside down.

By the time this video was over, my face was dripping with tears… of laughter. Did it do the same for you? Tell us! We want to know!

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