This Stubborn Golden Retriever Absolutely Does NOT Want To Leave The Dog Park!

Dogs are incredibly noble creatures, usually very obedient and collaborating with their masters! The only times I have seen my otherwise perfectly behaved dogs act up have been either because of the temptation of food or the enjoyment of the park. Seriously, want to see a dog be stubborn, try to drag him back from the park when he doesn’t want to. Check out the adorable footage below for an example!

Some bystanders managed to catch this amazing interaction on camera; they were looking around their local neighborhood dog park, only to find a man a Golden Retriever apparently negotiating something. It seems that the man wants to leave the dog park, but the only problem is that his dog is perfectly happy lying in the grass and not moving an inch. As you’re about to see, she absolutely refuses to leave — and the results are hilarious.

You’ll see the human try a host of different tactics to get his pooch to collaborate, from sweet talking to, to peaking it’s interest with sticks and even lifting him up physically, all to no avail! Even our recorders are cracking up, however it is obvious that this pet parent is familiar with his buddy’s tantrums and the method he uses to make him get up is amazing!

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