Stubborn Husky Throws A Tantrum When It’s Time To Go To His Kennel. LOL… I’m Dying!

Huskies are really tough breed of dogs who are mostly known for their strength. Humans domesticated huskies to use their strength to pull ice sled. But recently, these huskies are being popular for their cuteness. This video shows one of the adorable sides of a husky who is as stubborn as a mule.

Blaze, this Siberian husky in the video loves his freedom. He absolutely hates being confined to a kennel and it can be clearly seen in the video. His owner says that it is time to go to his kennel. But this husky’s reaction is just too hilarious! He stubbornly lies on the ground and doesn’t budge. He even groans at his dad which somehow sounds like he is saying ‘no’.

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